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Marketing Solutions and Affiliate Networks

The Datacend platform has customer data at its core, which allows all marketers to effectively communicate with their customers across all types of channels and scale.

Data Analysing Systems

Our data analysing systems will give you an insight into what exactly your customers want, what their unique preferences are, and what drives them and their behaviour.

Development of Information Systems

Our software engineers are equipped with experience, technology, and tools needed to create a customised software for your business.

Data Prediction Systems

The team of data scientists at Datacend will conduct a thorough analysis of your customer database and come up with a bespoke model designed for your business.

Software Quality, Development and Compliance Control

Developing software is just one piece of the grand puzzle of services you can receive from our dedicated team of software engineers. We also pay close attention to the software’s quality and compliance with the latest industry regulation, both technology- and legal-wise.

Development of Various Customer Services

The numerous features of our back-office help you run complex tasks and get the most out of our customer services.

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Hosting Services

Our hosting services are cost-effective and guarantee a stable and secure functioning of your enterprise.

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Promotion and SEO

Your online business performance will be significantly improved with our promotion and SEO services.

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Development of Affiliate Platforms

Our affiliate platforms will help you tap into that vast pool of opportunities affiliate marketing represents.

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UI Development

Did you know that more than 50% of visitors close an app or website within 10 seconds if the UI/UX experience is not satisfactory?

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With our time-effective and unique self-service solution, you can experience outstanding customisation opportunities for the development of your data management system.

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Datacend Standalone Bonus System

The Datacend software platform is equipped with the latest software solution on the market – a modern, unique, and standalone bonus system you can integrate into any existing platform.

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Optimising your Email Marketing Campaigns

Your email marketing campaign will get a necessary power boost with our feature-rich email delivery marketing platform that’s teeming with ultra-personalised email marketing content seamlessly integrated into your system.

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At Datacend, we provide web applications specifically designed to cater to your company’s needs. From consultation to web design and development, all of your technical requirements will be met.

Our extensive range of products provides cutting edge software and marketing solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are after optimising your company’s marketing division, development of particular marketing endeavour, or developing further information systems designed to solve business problems, our solutions and products are what you need.

Our web development platform can be applied to small and medium-sized enterprises for internal purposes, as well as to all the products these businesses offer end-customers.

Useful for
any business needs:

  • CRM-systems
  • Data prediction systems
  • Creative Marketing
  • Payment system solutions
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Website Questions
  • Increasing Online Sales
  • Imaging and Branding
  • Business Model Evaluation
  • E-Commerce Success
  • Interactive Technology
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design and Development

We provide unique and tailored solutions for various industries!