Development of Companies’ Websites Based on SPA Technology

If you need a specialised website to facilitate the development of your business, our SPA website solutions are perfect for you. At Datacend, you will find teams of software engineers ready to develop all web applications of highest complexities and on-demand custom software, CRM, CMS, e-commerce solutions, and more. In order to develop websites that…
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Development and Support of Your Company’s Internal Web Applications

At Datacend, we provide web applications specifically designed to cater to your company’s needs. From consultation to web design and development, all of your technical requirements will be met. If a robust or scalable app is what you require, our apps will always be a viable partner on the road to accomplishing your business objectives.…
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Role-Based Access Control Models

Role-based access control models allow people to access only certain parts of the network based on their role within your organisation. This model has become one of the most advanced and effective forms of access control in the software development business of today. Under this model, employees can only access the information they need to…
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