Optimising your Email Marketing Campaigns

Your email marketing campaign will get a necessary power boost with our feature-rich email delivery marketing platform that’s teeming with ultra-personalised email marketing content seamlessly integrated into your system.

 Our email personalisation platform governs all aspects of preparing, delivering, and tracking of a personalised email marketing campaign. This rich email platform is specifically designed to target end-customers and their preferences.

Our advanced marketing set includes a variety of tools we leave at your disposal to monitor the progress and manage the entire marketing strategy. With these tools, you will get a proper cross-client preview, conditional template customisation services, the option of using a visual template editor, delivery validation and testing, multi-brand email management, real-time marketing campaigns, automatic product recommendation, confirmation emails, personalisation tags linked to any type of database, and more.

Advantages of our Email Marketing Campaign Platform

We will integrate the most advanced customer email platform into your system to deliver:

  • Increased importance of email marketing with unmatched email personalisation and customer targeting with the help of our data analysis and insights like predictive analytics, AI recommendations, customer database analysis, customer model, activity tracking, etc.
  • Increased sales, customer satisfaction, and lifetime customer loyalty and value, all due to automatic product emails, replenishment reminder emails, and other text/image content customisation options.
  • High deliverability through advanced technology and a specialised support team.

The platform measures response metrics such as clicks, time spent in emails, opens, and ultimately, the monetary remuneration as the leading customer targeting criteria. No outside integration or services are required as this platform is an integral part of our marketing package offer.

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