Datacend Standalone Bonus System

The Datacend software platform is equipped with the latest software solution on the market – a modern, unique, and standalone bonus system you can integrate into any existing platform.

The bonus system supports the following functionalities:

  • Experience and loyalty points accumulation
  • Easy-to-customise user levels
  • Loyalty shop where customers can exchange their loyalty points for extra perks and bonuses
  • All languages and currencies supported
  • Numerous fully customisable bonus parameters
  • Tournaments and gamification features: prizes, leaderboards, achievements, and track customer progress
  • Regularly added free updates and new functionalities
  • All functionalities can be redeveloped to meet your requirements

The bonus system is a fully standalone system that provides functionalities like bonuses, loyalty points, tournaments, and achievements via an API, which means no lengthy and cumbersome development on your part is required.

Our Bonus and Loyalty System Infographic

Datacend Bonus System can be fully included in your business operation and seamlessly integrated into your business environment. The system features loyalty shops, loyalty levels, gamification features like tournaments, and numerous other commodities.

  • An entirely standalone and 100% API integration bonus system adapts to countless business environments
  • 2000+ settings for loyalty rewards and bonuses customisable for each customer
  • Customer levels, loyalty points exchange shops, ane experience points are standard options Gamification features allow customers to compete for valuable prizes and achievements

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