With our time-effective and unique self-service solution, you can experience outstanding customisation opportunities for the development of your data management system. Our self-service solution comes fully backed with technical documentation and a set of scripts that will be the starting point for the development of your data management system.

From then on, we also provide back-office support and back-end development, a testing platform for the system, and free updates for the system.

Some of the functionalities you start with are hosting, either yours or ours, a multilingual interface, affiliate system, mailing and a live chat support system, and many custom integration tools.

On your end, you will need a small IT team of experts. In our experience, a web designer, a UI front-end engineer for creating mockups in HTML/CSS, and a front-end web developer with knowledge of Javascript is enough. In case your team needs any assistance, our experts will be at their disposal throughout the entire process.

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