Marketing Solutions and Affiliate Networks

The Datacend platform has customer data at its core, which allows all marketers to effectively communicate with their customers across all types of channels and scale.

Optimising Customer’s Experience When Interacting with a Company

Datacend strives to make managing and optimising customer experience when interacting with a company as practical as possible. On this customer journey, each customer determines each following segment.

With our platform, marketers can take traditional funnel-based customer journey maps to a higher level and, ultimately, communicate more effectively with each customer in respect of their activities, behaviour, and preferences.

Our marketing solutions platform takes into consideration customer data, responses from previous marketing campaigns, and predictive customer behaviour modelling to identify the most important activities for each marketed brand. With this data and plan of action, the brands can maximise customer engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Automating Campaigns Through Cross-Channel Marketing

Datacend will initiate campaigns automatically at their scheduled times and dates via single or multiple channels. The platform supports any 1:1 marketing channel, including email, SMS, mobile push messaging, or marketing through Google Display Network, Facebook Custom Audience, Twitter Tailored Audience, banner ads on websites, marketing through the call centre, automated calling, etc.

You can opt for either Datacend native channels, your in-house tools and promotion systems or third-party systems easily integrated through our vast API. With Datacend, all targeted communication is easily achievable through multi-channel campaign automation and will reach each customer in the most appropriate way.

Interaction Triggered by Customer Behaviour

You can best interact with your customers when they are on your site or in your app. There, Datacend’s predictive segmentation and real-time customer activity data kick in to set in motion hyper-targeted campaigns based on individual customer’s activities you predefine with Datacend.

When a customer’s activity triggers a campaign, the Datacend platform immediately communicates to customers your marketing messages via email, webpage pop-up, mobile push notification or any other campaign delivery channel you choose.

Test vs Control Groups

Datacend runs every campaign as a way of experimenting with marketing. The campaign targeted audience will be divided into test and control groups that allow our software to measure the financial performance, which, ultimately, best rates the overall performance of the campaign.

This approach will enable you to use Datacend’s optimisation technologies to maximise the effectiveness of every marketing activity and report on them.

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