Hosting Services

Our hosting services are cost-effective and guarantee a stable and secure functioning of your enterprise. We offer a 24/7/365 service, which ensures a smooth operation of your business guaranteed by round-the-clock customer support team capable of quickly fixing any technical issues.

Moreover, with our latest equipment at work, you can make the most of the instant system response to address all customer inquiries. Our hardware solutions feature Intel® Xeon® processors, Dell, and SuperMicro servers, Intel® Network cards and adapters, as well as other software components that secure a competitive edge.

Also, with low-latency and high bandwidth servers, vast amounts of information can be processed quickly, which means that thousands of visitors can access your website at the same time without any problems.

Our global fibre backbone comes with over 200 PoPs worldwide and connections to other Tier 1 networks. Also applied is dynamic routing with BGP-4 and flexible BGP community options.

Even if you are faced with a lot more traffic than expected, our hardware and software power lines and power supply units, automatic load balancing across multiple servers, network cards and ports, internal and internet links, and RAID arrays will ensure uninterrupted functioning.

Note that our hosting service is licensed and legal and protected by both internal and external firewall protection that blocks any unauthorised outside access.

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