Data Analysing Systems

Our data analysing systems will give you an insight into what exactly your customers want, what their unique preferences are, and what drives them and their behaviour. Our platform is capable of advanced statistical analysis, open-source extensibility, text analysis, and scalability that will help you expose the customer patterns and models, and provide products and services they need.

Individual Customer View

Every Datacend client is set to receive a predictive model based on the essence of their business and unique customer data accrued. The model integrates and analyses data coming from various sources. First, the raw data is processed. Then, the on-site/in-app user activity is gathered, then third-party data, and finally, the data from the campaign response history is filtered.

The dataset is continuously maintained as a 360° Single Customer View and is used to create individualised customer relationships across all channels.

Micro-Segmentation Technology

The micro-segmentation technology employed at Datacend is behind the delivery of specifically designed messages and promotions. The offers are tailored to individual customers, which bolsters both long- and short-term engagement in the product marketed, as well as brand loyalty.

The collected behavioural, demographic, and transactional data is processed with Datacend predictive marketing engine to predict future behaviour and customers’ needs. The customers with similar characteristics are even grouped together, which further fosters personalised marketing campaigns.

Theme-Guided Analytics

An advanced CDP is a tool that allows on-demand interactive analytics and what we use to help you explore different customer segments. These segments will bring the information you can use to create personalised campaigns and improve your marketing operations.

The CDP gives an invaluable view into the customer base, which consequently yields a deeper understanding of your customer behaviour, helping you deliver all the right messages to each customer. Datacend will also provide a customisable dashboard and a way of monitoring all Key Performance Indicators.

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