Software Integration Assistance

Having information systems that perform complex tasks on their own without direct communication with one another may lead to considerable expenses related to data transfer and aggregation. Moreover, the analysis of the information required for making complex business decisions would thus be impeded. However, with software integration, all these issues can be overcome. We start…
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User and Product Support for Companies’ Customers

‘Keeping customers happy’ has been a phrase and motto of companies for as long as selling goods and services has been around. Companies know that being customer-centric is a must in the industry today but this is not the only approach. However, in recent years, internal customers of companies — employees — have become the…
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Software testing services

The cornerstone of our software quality assurance is full life cycle software testing services. These services cover the entire software development process and future testing services to ensure the software is stable and that it meets your business requirements. There are several types of testing we conduct, including functional testing, stress/performance testing, mobile testing, and…
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